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Jouons Scholarship Guidelines

General Policy

The Jouons Football Club Scholarship fund makes the Club soccer level experience available to talented youth who possess commitment, but who may not otherwise be able to afford the expense of a competitive club soccer. Financial support is based on qualification and other factors that may influence a player’s ability to play at the Jouons Football Club. Due to limited resources, the availability and amount of scholarships awarded are dedicated to families experiencing serious financial restrictions. Keep in mind that scholarships are not always available and vary season by season due to the availability of funds.


Scholarship Approval

Before a scholarship is awarded, parents or guardians of the prospective scholarship recipient must complete the Scholarship Application. If the paperwork is not provided or the Board determines that there is an insufficient basis for a scholarship based on need, the scholarship will be denied. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

The Board will review all Scholarship Applications. The parent/guardian will receive written notification of the Board’s decision whether or not the scholarship is awarded.

All information contained in the Scholarship Application will be kept confidential, but some information may be provided to the manager of the player’s team to ensure that the Scholarship program is implemented to the best benefit of the player.

Scholarships do not typically cover the cost of uniforms, camps, tournaments, or travel costs. A Scholarship will not cover the cost of additional items purchased, such as backpacks, warm-ups, and other non-uniform items.


Commitment of Scholarship Players

Scholarship recipients will be expected to conform fully to the policies of the Jouons Football Club regarding behavior, conduct, and school. In the event that a player fails to perform all agreed sponsorship and other volunteer activities, attend training sessions, matches, tournaments, or other Jouons Football Club activities, the scholarship may be withdrawn immediately in whole or in part.

For more information on the scholarship program, to apply for a JFC scholarship, or to donate to the JFC scholarship program, please contact Elvis Hedji at [email protected]

Jouons Football Club Scholarship information and application instructions

  1. JFC offers partial and full fee assistance to players/families if their meet the club scholarship requirement. No application will be considered if a player has unpaid fees from a prior season or has outstanding fees to another youth soccer club. If necessary, JFC will work with any player/family to assure fees can be paid through a fee payment plan at the start of any season. Failure to pay fees may result in the withholding of player cards. All fees must be paid in full before consideration for fee assistance for the following season. If JFC learns that any player has outstanding fees to another soccer club, JFC reserves the right to reject any fee assistance application until it is established that all outstanding fees to other clubs have been paid.
  2. Jouons Football Club offers financial assistance to youth soccer players in need of financial assistance in order for individuals to play on its competitive team. Applications must include proof of need, preferably with a copy of the first two pages of the previous year’s federal tax return. Requests for fee assistance are considered on a yearly basis for Club fees only. No assistance is offered for other expenses including tournament fees and travel expenses.
  3. The amount of aid and number of players receiving aid is dependent upon the money available in the Jouons Football Club Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are not guaranteed. Scholarship funding is obtained from many sources, including contributions from Jouons Football Club families, grant applications, fundraising, and Jouons operations.
  4. Jouons Football Club reserves the right to seek fee assistance from other sources, including travel leagues, recreation league, and grant sources to recover the costs of grants to individual players. By applying for financial assistance from the Jouons Football Club, you agree to cooperate in JFC’s efforts to recover funding and understand that if JFC successfully obtains funding from other sources it will not increase the grant to your player.
  5. Please provide all requested information. Incomplete applications may be returned and may not be considered. All information provided is solely for the purpose of determining fee assistance grants and will be held in confidence by those designated by the Board of Directors to handle the fee assistance program.
  6. Please check the Jouons Football Club website for application deadlines. JFC may reject any application received after the deadline. If there are any additional factors that you believe the Jouons Football Club Board of directors should take into consideration in determining the level of the scholarship award, please explain them on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the signed application form.


  • Completed and Signed Application
  • First two pages of Federal Tax Return for the previous year (Please black out your social Security number) – other proofs of income may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Attached sheet of any relevant information you want to provide.

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1380 Monroe Street N.W, #319
Washington, District of Columbia 20010

Phone: 806-553-5437
Email: [email protected]
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