About Us

Jouons exists to make your soccer journey memorable. Families trust us with their precious jewels, because we have a secret method by which we polish them. It mostly consist of an invitation to learn from experimenting and the humility that we share in understanding that they were stars before they got to us, we simply allowed them to shine brighter by removing a few layers of uncertainty. 


Jouons Football Club (JFC) is committed to developing creative individuals with a winning mentality who will have an impact on the game. With our commitment to the philosophy, principle, playing style, and values of the club, we promise to develop every player to the highest level. With this promise, we strive to use all our coaches - Compassion, strength, and intelligence - to attain positive results that speak to our playing style. JFC’s leadership and unparalleled approach to long-term elite development across every age group supports our determination to be the best soccer club in our communities and across the country.


To provide unique opportunities and experiences to future athletes.


"The way we play matters more than the score."


We expect every child to have the constant will to improve as a player and human being. 






Teamwork implies coming together as one. Thinking as individuals while at the same time recognizing it takes a collective to complete a common goal. Our failures are not necessarily ours alone for as a team, we own up to our mistakes and use every failure as an opportunity to learn and get better.


Respect is one of the most fundamental requirements in life and sport. It is crucial for an individual to possess this quality to be part of a team. Sports create situations that have to be resolved right away on and off the field. Having this value in our community will help diffuse any differences we may have among one another.


Effort is a value that can help achieve objectives that may at times seem to only exist in a far distance. Effort requires a combination of dedication, consistency, sacrifice, and perseverance, all of which can guide us well on the field, in school, and life.


Ambition is the will to want to perform at the highest level possible and improve every day. Ambition in a team sport is a value that applies to both the individual and group. Ambition involves other values that should not be discounted such as discipline, patience, motivation, order, excellence, and responsibility. Ambition is probably the surest way of achieving them, for it is the impulse to grow.


 Humility is knowing one's values, maintain those values and having the will to defend them.