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Welcome to the 2nd annual DC Crown Cup

Your participation in the DC Crown Cup 2018 was tremendous to the Jouons families that continued their soccer education with us. With your unwavering support, Jouons was able to provide aid to two travel players that went on to play in seven league games and a tournament. In 2019, we ask that you join us to make even more impact.


Crown Cup is an adult indoor tournament that takes place following the Jouons indoor league. This tournament has brought together some of DC's most talented players in order to fundraise for youth players that participate on Jouons Club teams. 


Time: 2 x 20min halves || Format 5v5 w/keeps

Players (max): 10 

Players (min): 5

Min Players to start game: 4

Restart: Kickoff, kick-in (no throw-ins)

Ball: Futsal

Caution: 2min timeout

*All rules not here, left to ref's discretion.


  1. Fast Five

  2. Cap City

  3. Marseille My Name

  4. Tacticians



1 v 3 (10AM - Court A)

2 v 4 (10AM - Court B)

4 v 3 (11AM - Court A)

2 v 1 (11AM - Court B)

3 v 2 (12PM - Court A)

4 v 1 (12PM - Court B)

1st vs 2nd (1PM - Court ALL)


In the summer we will be launching our first outdoor league and first ever small-sided league taking place in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area. This launch will help us reach more players at the recreational level and those looking for something in between recreation and travel soccer. For us, it's an opportunity to expand our horizon and reach more people and for you a chance to do something out of character or become part of something much unique. For the growth of youth soccer!